Halo, Green Smoke: Which Has Better Flavors?

Halo and Green Smoke e-cigs are strong competitors in the e-cig market. They are nowadays available with all types of flavors as demanded by the customers. However, in this review if we compare Halo and Green Smoke for their flavors, it will be hard to find out the best one. This is because the choice of flavors depends on the personal demand and the suitability of the individual customer. However, the following review will explain about the flavors which appeal to the customers of Halo and Green Smoke.

Green Smoke is now offering the customers 8 different flavors with 5 different nicotine strengths. The flavors are quite natural and also do not contain any type of harmful content. It is suitable for all levels of e-cig users, as it has got all the nicotine strength level which can meet the demands of beginners to the advanced smokers.

Among the best flavors of Green Smoke some mention worthy flavors reviewed by the users are Vanilla Dreams, Red Label Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Absolute Tobacco, Smooth Chocolate,Tobacco Gold, Mocha Mist and Mountain Clove are the best.

In contrast, Halo is also featured with all types of creative and unique flavors. It has different categories of its e-liquids. You will be impressed by its Tobacco flavors, Gourmet e-liquid flavors, and Dessert flavors. The Gourmet flavors are a mixture of tobacco and sweet and decent taste.

There will be almost 23 to 30 favorite flavors chosen by the users. Few of them are Kringle’s Curse, Shamrock, Malibu, Belgian Cocoa, Café Mocha, Twisted Java, Turkish Tobacco, Prime 15, Tribeca, Torque 56, etc. However, the wide range of variety in flavors of Halo is one of the prime reasons of its popularity.

It is true and well-known to all that Halo provides the cheapest e-liquids with better quality. The price has become more convenient by dint of the Halo ecigs coupon codes service. In a single purchase of an e-liquid, there is up to $3 discount available. Green Smoke, as it is providing the best quality e-liquid flavors are now a little bit high in price. However, with Greensmoke discount coupon codes you will be getting quality in an affordable price.

How Halo Cigs and Blu Cigs Differ From Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

As we all know, Halo and Blu electronic cigarettes are electronic devices made to look and feel like tobacco cigarettes. Having said that one can conclude that there’s really a lot of similarities when it comes to Halo cigs, Blu cigs and traditional cigarettes. This works for and against Halo and Blu E-cigarettes. Smokers are thankful that they can finally have a better alternative to smoking that gives them the same satisfying experience as the real one but some legislators and health organizations are quick to judge that they are the same with tobacco cigarettes and should be treated the same in taxes, in public bans, in health content, everything.

While it is true that Blu cigs and Halo cigs very similar to smoking tobacco cigarette, there are also many differences that people should consider. Here are some of them.

1. Halo cigs and Blu cigs do not contain the thousand of chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. Some of which are carcinogens which causes cancer and respiratory diseases and tar which cause oral diseases and yellowing of teeth. This does not mean that they should be consider as a healthy device. But it’s definitely much healthier compare to tobacco cigarettes.

2. Halo cigs and Blu cigs don’t produce smoke and it don’t burn anything decreasing the risk of fire and eliminating the foul smell that traditional cigarettes produce. Both e-cig brands use the two part E-cig technology where the battery heats the E-liquid contained in the flavor cartridges and so the E-liquid turns into smoke like water vapor. Nothing more than vapor.

3. Halo cigs and Blu cigs taste different. Their tobacco and menthol E-liquid can truly mimic the taste of your traditional tobacco cigarettes but they also offer more than that. They have a collection of different flavors plus different nicotine strength too. Blu cigs got some of the best exotic E-liquids with Pina Colada and Cherry while Halo cigs got one of the biggest collections of tobacco flavors in the industry.

4. Halo cigs and Blu cigs are no doubt cheaper than traditional cigarettes. With all the tax increasing in different states, an average smoker spends around $6 per day in tobacco cigarettes. Multiply that by 365 and it equals to $2190. Halo cigs and Blu cigs are rechargeable and reusable so you only need to buy a starter kit as the first investment and you only need to buy replacement flavor cartridges monthly for around $50 per month. Blu cigs Premium Starter Kit cost $79.95 while Halo cigs G6 Starter Kit sells at $44.99. That would only total around $600 a year. That’s a total of $1500 savings and can be much more when you use this Halo cigs coupon and this Blu cigs coupon.

5. Halo cigs and Blu cigs require more prep than just grabbing a lighter. You need to charge the batteries from time to time, refill or replace flavor cartridges and clean E-cigs. But these are not time consuming though and it is all worth it because of the many advantages of Halo and Blu.

Deciding to change a habit from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes does take some major adjustments and we would not say it would be easy. However, if you are like so many others who really want to improve your life and say goodbye to traditional cigarettes, Halo cigs or Blu cigs is a great alternative to your tobacco.

How Apollo Cigs Work – TheTechnology Inside

apollocoupons2 How Apollo Cigs Work – TheTechnology Inside

Apollo Electronic cigarettes are simple in looks and design. They are white and has that glowing tip to look exactly like real tobacco cigarettes. However, as simple as the design may be, inside Apollo cigs is a great deal of technology that comes together to recreate the smoking experience minus all the harmful toxins that real cigarettes contain. Today let us understand the technology underneath Apollo cigs. Lear what each parts do and how they work together to give us that thick vapor, that awesome flavor, that nice throat hit and that mentality to have something to puff on. Read on.

Battery: The battery is the most important part of the vaping equation. It power and starts everything inside and heat the E-liquid nicotine which when heated becomes a smoke like water vapor mimicking that smoking experience you have with real cigarettes. How great the performance of your E-cig is depends on the quality of battery it has. It is also important for your battery to always have a charged. Luckily Apollo cigs produces powerful batteries that come in different of sizes, styles, and power level. The least powered battery can last up to 2hrs while the most powerful one can let you vape up to a day nonstop and has some control abilities to let you determine how much vapor you want to get.

Atomizer: The atomizer is the part of the unit that makes it possible for the E-liquid to turn into vapor without heating the whole E-cig body. It receives a surge of power from the battery which in turn kicked it into gear heating that E-liquid while the temperature of the whole E-cig still remains. The atomizer is built into the e-cigarette cartridge the majority of the time, especially regarding two-piece e-cigs.

Cartridge/Clearomizers/Tank: Cartridges, clearomizers and tanks are all types of E-liquid containers that you can use for your E-cigarettes. Choose one type only for each vaping session and simply screw to a battery to make your E-cig works. The cartridges are the most widely use E-liquid container as it looks like real cigarettes. Clearomizers and tanks are larger E-liquid containers for those advanced vapers who wants more. They are also both transparent so one can easily see when they are running out of E-liquid. These parts are disposables and can be replace each vaping session. However, with Apollo cigs, you can also use them again for about 5-10 times and just refill it with E-liquid.

E-Liquid: E-liquid is the liquid that contains the flavor and the nicotine. As said above it is the one heated to turn into water vapor and create that perfect smoke like vapor for vapers. E-liquids are often made up of Propylene Glycol (this is what makes the vapor thick), Vegetable Glycerin (this is what makes the flavors taste great), added flavoring and USP grade nicotine. Apollo cigs E-liquid are all 100% US made and is tightly sealed for freshness. They offer 25 great flavors including their popular fruity ones.

Crystal Tip: The end of the e-cigarette is fitted with a crystal tip that glows when in use. This mimics the burning of the tobacco in real cigarettes. It also alerts the user when the battery is getting low.

So there you have it, the technology inside each Apollo cigs. Thank you for reading the article all the way. As a token of appreciation, we give you this Apollo e cigs coupon from DealoMetry.com Simply click on the link here and you will see the coupon. You then need to click on the coupon link and you will be directed to Apollo cigs website. Start shopping and choosing your products and before you checkout you will see that a 20% off Apollo cigs coupon reward have already been deducted to your total bill. Enjoy!

Vaping Is So Easy and Convenient

Most of the times, learning and trying something new comes with a little hesitation and anxiety because of the fear of transitioning. This is why you’ve probably have heard about electronic cigarettes and its benefits, seen your friends and celebrities using it and you may even be interested in making the switch to electronic cigarettes yourself, but haven’t yet because you are not sure how they work.

Your inner fear is stopping you from all the greatness can bring to your life. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place because here at Learning2011.com we are here to help you.

Let us first make an electronic cigarette review in this article. First let us tackle the parts and the purpose of each parts.

Batteries – it can be a rechargeable battery or a disposable one depending on the type of E-cigarette you choose. Basically it powers the whole device up to let you start vaping.
Flavor Cartridges – A cartridge that contains the E-liquid flavor that produces the vapor and throat hit.
Atomizer – this heats up the E-liquid in a very low temperature.

Now let us review and understand how E-cigarettes work.

If you are new to the world of E-cigarettes, you should keep in mind that they replicate the same look, feel and taste of traditional cigarettes. It can produce smoke-like vapor, give you the smoker’s throat hit and that nicotine dose you crave for. However, it does not burn anything, create that offensive smoke and they do not contain the thousands of harmful chemicals traditional cigarettes have. Here’s the actual process of E-cigarettes.

Step 1: You take a puff and it will instantly activates the battery (if you choose automatic) or press a small button (if you choose manual).
Step 2: The battery then heats up the E-liquid contained in the flavor cartridge
Step 3: The E-liquid is then converted into a vapor
Step 4: You inhale and exhale what looks like smoke, but is actually water vapor. No smoke, no smell, no ash, no chemicals and no mess!

Now that we know the general process of using E-cigarettes, let us go into the next level and guide you on buying and using your E-cigarettes.

Step 1: Choose the best electronic cigarette brand for you. Dont settle on the cheap ones that will leave you with unsatisfying flavors and broken part, instead choose trusted brands like V2 cigs, Blu cigs, Vapor Zone and more.
Step 2: Is to buy e-cigarettes on their website, you can even use electronic cigarette coupons that our friends at fabudaily.com provides. Check for deals for starter kits since it gets’ you going right away. You can visit this blu cigs starter kit review to see what it comes with.
Step 3: Is to wait for your package to arrive in mail, usually around 1-3 business days.
Step 4: When you receive your package, simply open it and check if everything is in your package.
Step 5: Fully charge the E-cig batteries first before using.
Step 6: Attach a new flavor cartridge (I recommend blu cigs premium100) to the battery.
Step 7: Start puffing and enjoy vaping!

The whole process is so easy and convenient! No need for lighters and ashtrays.

Added Convenience Factor

1. Convenience to vape without other people giving you an angry stare because E-cigs dont produce foul smell and second hand smoking effects.
2. Convenience to find because Blu cigs and other electronic cigarette brands are now available at more than 100,000+ retailers nationwide, including several national retailers and many regional retail stores.
3. Convenience in price as E-cigarettes can cut your smoking cost into half. And there’s more.

V2 cigs coupon codes and Blu cigs coupons

Top brands like V2 cigs and Blu cigs always give away coupon codes that will allow you to get instant discount for as much as 25% off. Take advantage of these today! Especially this v2 cigs coupon we’ve found at dealometry.com

Easy Couponing Tips for Beginners

beginners guide couponing 300x298 Easy Couponing Tips for Beginners

Couponing is no rocket science but it’s admittedly difficult when you first start out – what with the overwhelming coupons available, as well as their varying terms and conditions. The good news is it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it.

Here are five of the most simple (yet most often overlooked) tips to help turn even the most clueless coupon newbie into an expert in no time:

· Know where to get your coupons
It’s definitely no secret that you can get coupons from various sources. If you’re dead serious about getting the best deals out there, you’re definitely going to need more than just a lazy Sunday morning clipping newspaper coupons. You can buy a local coupon book for your city or sign up for a coupon trading group. You can also print them off straight from your laptops. There are numerous legitimate coupon websites you can visit regularly for your weekly grocery shopping. Coupon.com, RedPlum.com, Smartsource.com and Couponnetwork.com are some of the best coupon websites you can visit for great deals and extreme savings.

· Invest in a coupon binder
Now that you have all these coupons ready for use, the next step is to get organized. It’s such a waste to let sweet deals expire just because the coupon is hiding somewhere in your messy pile. Instead, get yourself an organizer that allows you to classify your coupons accordingly. Some people prefer to arrange their coupons according to product type (e.g. fresh produce, canned goods, laundry, etc.) or expiry date. Regardless of what organization system you use, just make sure you follow up on this regularly. Also, don’t forget to store your binder in a place where you can find it easily.

· Study the coupon policies
Don’t make the mistake of assuming the same rules apply for all coupons. As every coupon has its own set of terms and conditions, it’s always smart to know what you can do and what you can’t do with it. Plus, some cashiers don’t even know their own store’s policies with regards to using coupons, so it’s always a win-win situation to do your homework!

· Make a shopping list… and stick to it!
Just because an item can be purchased at 50% off doesn’t mean you need to get it. Only purchase the items you actually need. Coupons are supposed to help you save not spend more. In order to help you avoid the temptation of impulse shopping, write down a list. It also makes shopping a little quicker if you put the coupons you plan on using together.

· Don’t get frustrated with couponing.
It takes a while to get adjusted on how couponing works. Do not get frustrated if other people are better at it. Most of them have done this for years already. Always remember that they’ve been in your shoes before, so all it takes is practice. Whatever your couponing skill level, the upside is saving 50 cents is always better than nothing!