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Understanding the BBBEEE Skills Development Categories

Understanding the BBBEEE Skills Development Categories

The Skills Development Elements are varied and there are multiple channels to travel through in order to ensure compliance. The goal is for businesses to invest in the future of South Africa by supplying or funding everything from internships to learning programmes.

Learning Programmes Matrix

Skills Development expenditure on learning programmes specified in the Learning Programmes Matrix for black people is counted as a percentage from 3{0837c87e959b44caf399e2925b8e51f09e890488fff385f66b3e6667a27eb68b} and up to 6{0837c87e959b44caf399e2925b8e51f09e890488fff385f66b3e6667a27eb68b} of the leviable amount. Companies can score a total of 8 points for their BEE Scorecards by complying with this BBBEE Skills Development category. This can also be adjusted to recognise gender.

Skills Development expenditure on registered learning programmes that have also been specified in the Learning Programme Matrix for black employees with disabilities as a percentage of the leviable amount should aim for 0,3{0837c87e959b44caf399e2925b8e51f09e890488fff385f66b3e6667a27eb68b} to receive 4 points on your BEE Scorecard. This can be adjusted to recognise gender as well.

Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships

To earn 4 BEE Scorecard points 2.5{0837c87e959b44caf399e2925b8e51f09e890488fff385f66b3e6667a27eb68b} of your black employees need to be participating in registered learnerships, apprenticeships and/or internships. The same is true of black people not necessarily under the company’s employment currently.

By providing additional training to black employees and offering training to unemployed black individuals you are building up their skillsets. In turn, those who will eventually become employed thanks to their training will have the proper guidance from those who are already trained and employed.

Bonus Points for Absorbed Learners

An absorbed learner refers to an individual who has completed a learnership or apprenticeship and is then offered a position of permanent employment. You can be rewarded up to 5 bonus points for the Skills Development element on your BEE Scorecard.

When complying with the BBBEE skills development categories it is important to remember that you will not … Read more

How to Take Full Advantage of SETA Learnership Opportunities

How to Take Full Advantage of SETA Learnership Opportunities

As a way of ensuring South African citizens are employable by possessing the skills necessary to successfully complete tasks is a national priority. By improving the skills’ level of citizens you ensure future job opportunities and so too the growth of the South African workforce.

Why are learnerships important?


Offering skills development programmes to South Africans means that you are building a skilled workforce who are capable of contributing to the economy. Skilled employees are proven to be more productive and competitive which drives companies to monetary goals. You should invest in your biggest assets: your employees. With a skilled labour pool we can build our economy to great heights and ensure equal opportunities are offered to all South Africans.

With technological advances and the rate at which the skillset required to be effective changes we need to be sure to keep up. The best way to do so is through complying with SETA requirements and offering employees skills development training in programmes like learnerships. If this is not enough incentive to sway you, consider the fact that you could qualify for a tax rebate.

At SERR Synergy we offer industry-specific and generic learnership programmes specifically designed for businesses that wish to qualify for additional learnership tax rebates and SETA funding. This includes those who wish to maximise their BEE points and qualify for additional bonus points on their BEE Scorecards. These skills development programmes have been proved to optimise Skills Development Levy refunds, increase profit and cash flow, and ensure a more productive and motivated workforce.

How does a tax rebate work for learnerships?


Rebates, allowances and grants are all ways in which learnership programmes aiding in compliance with the Skills Development Act. Discretionary grants are allocated at SETA discretion to employers seeking to provide training … Read more

The Importance of Healthy Breakfast For Children

The Importance of Healthy Breakfast For Children

Keeping child health is the most important thing. Body hygiene, food hygiene and child equipment, are the responsibility of parents. Pay more attention to child hygiene matters, give your child the best care. Indeed, we often find it difficult when children are reluctant to follow what we are commanded, but this should not undermine the spirit of parents to keep the attention of their beloved son. Maintaining health by providing nutritious food intake is sure to be done by all parents. Give a healthy food, and do not think that the food-minded parent should be expensive. Give each day a green vegetable, fruit, water and milk. Nourishing food affects the immune system of the child and also grows the child Make sure the baby eats on time and finishes the meal.

Breakfast for children is very important, as breakfast will give the child the energy in his activities. And of course with breakfast, the child can move properly, the concentration of the child increases and the child is not easy to sleep. In addition breakfast can also increase the metabolism of the child’s body and can make the child more concentrate when receiving lessons in school. If the child does not like the food, try to replace it or make a creation with the food. What’s less important is that we need to know what foods are best and best for breakfast. Although carbohydrates are useful to provide energy for the body, it is worth noting that good breakfasts not only eat carbohydrates. Food for breakfast should contain the complete nutrients needed, including protein, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, zinc and iron. And that also needs to be ensured that breakfast foods should be a bit of sodium, salt and sugar. Healthy breakfast standards should be no less than cereals, Read more

Business Checks that Save Money

Business Checks that Save Money

Checks have long been part of the financial landscape and are likely to continue to be. While banks sometimes charge high prices for printed checks, it’s perfectly legal to print your own checks as long as you follow the rules. Here are some important concerns.

Partial or Full Print

The first choice you will have to make when printing your own checks is whether you want to do a partial print or a full print. Partially printed checks are printed by a specialty company with machine-readable numbers already on them; you only need to add the specific information that pertains to your account. Fully printed checks, on the other hand, are checks that you print in entirety. You’ll need to be sure you have access to the proper equipment before you handle the whole thing yourself, including a high-quality printer and appropriate software.

Software Choice

In order to print a check of high enough quality to be accepted by your bank, you’ll need to acquire the right software. Check design isn’t a simple task that can be done in a commercial graphics program without the right add-ons. Instead, you might seek out some appropriate enterprise or financial software with purpose-built check-printing capabilities. A contemporary program of this nature will have user-friendly controls and a help system to make sure you understand the process and know how to use your tools properly.

The Right Ink

Now we come to a distinction that’s perhaps not apparent to most check users. Checks are not printed entirely with normal ink of the kind you would use for other documents. Instead, checks have traditionally been printed, at least on the account info lines, with magnetic ink. This enables magnetic scanners to quickly verify the information on the instrument, speeding the process up for everyone. … Read more

A Family’s Way to Celebrate the Holidays

A Family’s Way to Celebrate the Holidays

When the holiday season rolls around my family gets prepared for all the activity that takes place when kids are out of school and on break.  As soon as the school busses are parked in the lots and the doors locked for the winter break we begin getting ready to get all the supplies and food prepared for the steady crowd of guests that will be coming by to share evenings with their friends.  Our youngsters usually have friends visiting every day and evening; at least on those days when they haven’t gone off to visit some friends or family themselves.  They often spend hours playing games on the large monitor we have down in the family room; it was originally installed to watch movies, then it was commandeered for watching football and basketball games; and now it’s become the center for the young folks to indulge in online games and contests.  They will be down there wearing their latest outfits obtained from Hot Topic, swigging down their favorite sodas and juice, and munching on popcorn like they were in a movie theater.  Sometimes you can hear them over the sound of us upstairs playing cards or watching our favorite ball games.

When the kids finally come up for air from the game room we usually will take off to enjoy some good food from a favorite restaurant.  Or one of us might have prepared a special holiday snack or meal to serve to everyone.  Of course, we usually have a lot of eggnog and cider available, as well as some home baked goods to nibble on.  And naturally there is music playing almost constantly.  I’ve heard different people say our home is one of the most popular places for youth and for adults to visit during the holiday … Read more