Here’s how to create an unforgettable event

Here’s how to create an unforgettable event

You’re organizing a business event, but you do not want it to be like every other event you have already been to this year. Whether it’s a product presentation, an office party, a networking event or something else; you want to give this event something special. Read on for ways to make your event stand out, so that your guests will remember you and your company for a long time to come.

Make it personal

People do not like to feel like one in a dozen. When guests or customers come to your event, they want to feel welcome. Take your time to have drinks with your guests and make sure that everyone is able to mingle. To help them along, you can provide name tags. This way people will instantly know who they are talking to and what company they represent, making it easier to make a personal connection. Guests will leave feeling like they were a genuine part of the event, instead of just a spectator.

Give a branded memento

Give your guests something tangible to remember the event and the company by. How? By using custom instax film, for instance. Instax is a type of camera that prints photos immediately on the spot. You can even hand out several of these cameras to your guests and let them take their own photos. You can purchase an instant photo frame with your company logo on it to cover the photos you take of your guests. These photo frames work like stickers and are easy to apply to any instax photo. You don’t even have to stick with the company logo: you can customize the instax film any way you like.

Pay attention to all parts of the event

Your event doesn’t end when the last speaker turns off their microphone. Guests will still have to find the exit, get their coats from the cloakroom, go back to the parking garage and so on. Make sure therefore that the end of your event is just as powerful as the beginning. Maybe you can offer your guests some drinks and snacks after the event is over, or let them leave with well filled goodie bags. This last memory of your event will make sure that it remains positive in their minds. With their custom instax film in their pockets, your guests will think back fondly to this day and remember your company in days to come.

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