Strategies for Developing Businesses by Caring for Others

Strategies for Developing Businesses by Caring for Others

Do you want to get good by doing good in the business world? Then the following activities you must practice in your daily life. Previously you had to understand a theory that could be called a “Concern Strategy.”
Strategies that practice everything we often hear, “Life is about what you give, not what you get. Do good to others, then good will come to you. You have to save before you can withdraw money right? “

1. Express a Praise

Lots of people don’t realize how bad they are at giving praise. The right effort to fix it is to give praise to someone you think has done a good job. This action is the easiest way to spread goodness and you will not lose anything.

2. Make A Good Recommendation

A good suggestion or recommendation can increase your confidence. Good recommendations are useful and needed by others. So don’t be reluctant to give advice or recommendations if you know the best. Believe me, all the good you do even though it’s just a suggestion will come back to you later.

3. Start Working Only

Don’t think too much about something, just start working well. Can work part time or full time. Just do it to the fullest and full of dedication, everything you do with high dedication will definitely benefit you either directly or not.

4. Finding Jobs for Others

Not working is sad, but there are still many things that affect your financial woes. If you have a good job, many people are worried about how long the job will last or whether time will always be friendly with you.
Instead of worrying about your own luck, it would be better if you make a connection or recommendation that can help someone to get a job, especially if there is no specific intention in yourself.

5. Say Thank You

There is someone who is very successful in his field, I have observed his behavior and the most prominent of his behavior is his habit of thanking anyone who works and does his job. Like the parking attendant, his own assistant, or other workers get sincere thanks from him. Over time, we can realize that many people will appreciate all forms of respect for others even with a word.

6. Giving Precious Things

There is a writer whose works are several books about business and entrepreneurs. Many people look for him to offer a job as a ghostwriter. There are lots of potential jobs but they don’t suit him, so he offers the job to fellow writers who might need the job. Matching work is a great way to do good and do good at the same time.

7. Teach Someone To Do Something Helpful

One of the hardest things a person must learn when in the transition from a worker to a leader is to take the time to teach others to help him and not do it all alone. Finally we all feel very grateful to others who have taken the time to guide us and sometimes we remember them when they are gone.

8. Become a Good Listener

Often the best treatment we have to do is be quiet. Not only to avoid saying wrong but to listen to others. Listening can be the bet gift we can offer, just listen and understand what others are saying.

9. Giving Sorry

We all make mistakes in life. We’ve all done wrong with others. Of course, your employees and subordinates certainly cannot escape from mistakes. The leader too, will definitely make mistakes either intentionally or not. Get used to forgive anyone, it will make your life happier in doing business.

10. Present When Needed

Your appearance can give hope and influence to the speaker or the organizer or even your boss. Because your presence will be considered as support and participation to the person of the organizer or even your boss. Your presence is an extraordinary moral spirit. Just being present without giving anything, for example, is a very beautiful award.

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