Ways Teachers Can Make Remote Learning a Bit Easier

Ways Teachers Can Make Remote Learning a Bit Easier

Let’s face it; distance learning has been challenging for students and teachers alike. Teaching in front of a computer screen is nothing like teaching face-to-face. It’s exhausting and frustrating. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make things a little easier for yourself as a teacher and your students.

Take Cues from Those Who Deal with Digital Interactions

You might never have had to teach remotely, but many businesses have been using remote technology for a while now. You can use the expertise of businesses to help you navigate new territory.

Keep a Schedule

Schedules aren’t just for your students. As a teacher, you can benefit from setting one as well. Set (and stick to) consistent times for working and connecting with the kids in your class. The consistency can help to provide a sense of normalcy.

Motivate Your Students

It’s hard enough to keep students motivated in an actual classroom. Now you have to do it from a distance. When setting goals for your digital classroom, include your students in the process. Have them set goals for themselves and the classroom and then communicate those goals with them and their families. You can also keep them motivated by recognizing and rewarding their efforts.

Go Easy On Yourself and Your Students

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that these times are difficult. Having too many expectations or being too hard on yourself (and your students) may only lead to disappointment. If ever there was a time to be gentle and ease up on your expectations, that time is now. Be realistic, and don’t expect to cover everything digitally that you might be able to cover in the classroom. Cut yourself and your students a little slack as you navigate these strange waters.

Online learning can be difficult, but it can be done. With the right tools and techniques, you can make things easier for yourself and the kids you teach.

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